Official Remission

Message from Sarah’s parents:

Dear friends,

We want to share with all of you who have been praying so faithfully for so long that we got miraculous news from the doctor today.

Sarah’s cancer is officially in remission!

Her tests show that her sister Mary’s DNA is now established in Sarah’s body, and she no longer has the chromosomal abnormality that made the leukemia so hard to beat.

It is still sinking in, and we are grateful beyond words for this absolute miracle that the Lord has worked though the medical team at Loyola.

There are no words to express our gratitude for the prayers, novenas, rosaries, and meditations from so many faith traditions that were lifted, literally, from all around the world for our daughter.

So many friends-of-friends and strangers generously kept her in prayer.

There also will never be an adequate way to thank Mary Faith for making such a tremendous sacrifice in enduring the shots and procedures to harvest the stem cells that saved her sister’s life.

What’s next?

Sarah has one more round of chemo as part of the clinical trial designed to prevent relapse in high risk patients.

Then she will have one, and perhaps two, surgeries to correct a side effect of the chemo from last fall.

She is now in physical therapy to strengthen her chemo- and radiation-weakened muscles. Her amazing oncologist expects that Sarah will be well enough to go back to college in January.

And so, with thankful and joyful hearts, we share our good news with you.

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

Suzanne & Chris

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