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Happy dance! Engraftment! : )

Today, eleven days after transplant, I found out that my sister Mary’s stem cells have engrafted—finding a new home in my bone marrow.

This is truly transformative in my recovery, and really good news! It is hoped that these healthy, cancer-fighting cells will take over and destroy any remaining cancer cells that could have been left behind after the chemo and radiation. It is akin to building a new powerhouse in my bone marrow.

This is also good news because, to be honest, I have endured many days of pain since transplant.

With engraftment comes a rise in my cell counts, so my pain will lessen and I will soon be feeling much better.

Thanks to all who have understood that I have not felt up to emailing or texting, but I’m sure I will shortly. And early next week I will begin the 100 days of isolation in a nearby hotel, returning to the hospital twice a week for monitoring and meds.

So many people have prayed for me and sent me cards of support—I am truly humbled by the kindness of family, friends, and even strangers who have offered up prayers for me.

Thank you all for walking this very long and rocky road with me.

The worst appears over…many challenges are still ahead, but I will continue to fight through them and come out on the other side of this even stronger and more positive than when I started.

And when I get back to SLU, eventually, I just might have to do a happy dance right through campus!

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