1000 Prayers for Sarah

The Wielgos family has a request to ask of Sarah’s supporters.

On the day of the transplant, Sarah’s sister Mary will donate blood stem cells. Within the hour, they will be given to Sarah.

The family is asking for Sarah’s supporters to offer 1000 prayers for her on transplant day.

MaryMary is the 14-year-old younger sister of Sarah. She is an amazing ballet dancer, recently appearing in the Moscow Ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker. She is a homeschooled eighth grader and has a caring heart toward animals. She also is a gifted pianist and gymnast.

When the special cells from Mary are transferred to replace the cancerous ones, medical science can do no more. The success of the transplant is in God’s hands.

Sarah has a very strong faith, rooted long before this terrible disease.

rosary1On the day of the transplant, we’re hoping 1,000 people promise to pray one decade of the Rosary (10 Hail Mary’s)–or an alternative prayer for Sarah’s non-Catholic supporters–on the day of the stem cell transfer.

While every single voice is important to God, a thousand people united in prayer with a single purpose can reveal to Sarah and her family the number of lives Sarah has touched and those who care about her recovery.

Please join the Facebook page 1000 Prayers for Sarah Wielgos and help us storm heaven for Sarah’s recovery.

As soon as the day of the transplant is known, updates will be posted on this website.




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